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Organizational Consulting & Workplace Resilience

Today’s organizations present increasing challenges for students, employees, and management. Rising levels of stress, poor employee well-being, and overall pressure to perform are leaving institutions unprepared for meeting the needs of their employees and leaders. The skills taught address the factors that lead to poor performance. 


Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) is an empirically based form of psychology that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies to increase psychological flexibility and teach employees how to:

  • Deal skillfully with unhelpful thinking and unwanted emotions

  • Enhance focus and commitment to achieving individual and shared valued goals

  • Stay present minded during pressure situations

  • Learn skills and strategies to build and maintain psychological flexibility in life and the workplace

Training and workshop length can vary based on needs of the organization: 

One to two hour training is appropriate for conferences and as part of meeting the well-being needs of employees.  


Fully day training or two half day trainings are helpful for organizations who want their employees to get a complete immersion in the psychological flexibility model and receive the full breadth of skills & techniques

Multi day trainings are best for larger organizations who need a focus on participants learning the skills, improving communication and having participants support others in using the psychological flexibility model

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