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Michael Gotlib, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist & Organizational Wellness Facilitator
Organizational Consulting & Workplace Resilience
Mindfulness Training & My Mental Yoga
Clinical Supervision and Training
Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Dr. Gotlib offers evidence-based training to individuals, companies and organizations looking for meaningful changes and noticeable results. Programming is based on the latest advances in behavioral science with a focus on Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT).

About Me

Dr. Gotlib is a licensed clinical psychologist. He is an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). Originally, from New York, he currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Clinical expertise is in treating anxiety and teaching the ACT model for professional and personal development.  

Video Resources

These are some of my favorite videos based on Acceptance and Commitment Training and Mindfulness.

Emotional Courage

Psychological Flexibility


Breaking Bad Habits

Anger & Compassion

“The intervention best corroborated by research is ACT, which involves developing mindfulness. ACT has been successful in improving mental health and behavioural effectiveness (for example absence rates and performance targets)”

The Financial Times

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